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Stunning fireworks

Priceless Discount Stores in Birchington supplies a range of fireworks from Cosmic Fireworks. You can choose from a variety of fireworks such as sparklers, Roman candles, space hawk rocket, turbo blast mines, missile cakes and fountains. 

Unfortunately we now no longer have fireworks in stock and will not have any until the new year.

For fireworks in Birchington and throughout Kent, get in touch with Priceless Discount Stores on 
01843 841 147

Top quality space hawk rockets

Get in touch with Priceless Discount Stores today for space hawk rockets, fireworks, baking equipment, bakeware equipment, baking trays, muffin tins, seasonal and household goods. Our friendly and qualified staff will be happy to help you with all your requirements. 

Although we are based in Birchington, we provide services across Kent. 
Firework rockets
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